I just wanted to tell you that you really made a difference in the way I approach veterinary care. Unfortunately, I recently found myself in a situation in which one of my cats required care, but I felt more confident about selecting a vet, stating what I wanted, how much I wanted, and how I wanted it administered. Nestor died on September 7, but his last days were not made miserable by veterinarians (as I believe my previous cat Bailey’s were) and I know he received love as well as medical care. Thank you very much. All the best.

Susan Alexander, Mammalian Daily Newspaper

Thanks to Corinna for her commitment and passion and for caring enough to write this book. May all your animals benefit from the guidance and ideas offered.

Cynthia Harcourt, DVM

Wonderful! I read almost the entire book in one sitting. Your story about Tank resonated deeply. I love the way you inform readers but allow them to formulate their own opinions. Perfect timing . . . targets the majority of pet owners . . . the perfect link.

Linda Dent, Animal Services Mississauga

Corinna, I have to thank you for writing this book. It is the best of this decade, I’m sure. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy reading it, but I plan on using it as a reference book for some time in the future. You have seconded everything I already thought I knew and truly made it a reality. I will be definitely recommending your book to my clients as I truly believe it should be every dog owners bible Thanks so much again.

Anne Swerdfeger, The Dog House, Ottawa

Hi Corinna! The dogs have been doing really well on the raw food! I have noticed that Pongo is not straining to pee or urinating blood anymore! Storm has lost weight and is shedding less. Thank you so much for all your help. I wish I had known about the raw diet years ago! We are so happy we switched the dogs over. Thanks again!

Nikki and Andrew, with Pongo the Dalmatian and Storm the black German Shepherd

I have finished reading your book. LOVED IT! Nice, manageable, bite-sized pieces of information . . . TONS of valuable information. GREAT JOB! . . . recommend it heartily.

Barb Russell, owned by Keely

WOW ~ what an AWESOME pet book! This is fabulous. I loved all the information about nutrition and natural remedies. It will be a book that I keep handy to refer to. It gave me a lot to think about too, the dog harness for the car, for example. Just think, by putting that in the book you might have saved lives of dogs and people, simply by educating them.

Heidi Granville, Pet Owner

I did get a chance to take a good look at your book right after I got it last weekend. I really like the idea of the holistic way of treating pets (and people) since that has been my way of life for a long time. I am sure I will refer to it many times since there is a lot of good information in it. That is quite an accomplishment to write a book like this and I am sure it took a lot of research!

Nadine, Pet Owner