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Corinna Bollmann

In 2002 Corinna deserved a vacation like anybody else. At the last minute the vacation was cancelled because she couldn’t find anyone to care for her German Shepherd dogs while she was gone. It was on that day when she had to cancel her vacation for her three dogs that she walked to the end of the lane and put a sign out offering daycare and boarding. At that time she was already envisioning launching a Doggie Resource Center that pet lovers and pet professionals can turn to for information on holistic care.

Her passion and care for animals grew even more. Corinna extensively researched holistic care and pet nutrition and is accredited and certified in many areas of pet health and wellness.

In 2006 Corinna began offering a “First Aid for Pets” course that she currently teaches at the Doggie Minder facility and other locations. She also educates Pet First Aid instructors using proven concepts with her own recently developed program through Kinsale Academy.

Corinna is driven to educate consumers on truly healthy food choices. She has developed a workshop for Holistic Pet Care and Food, which is also available on DVD. Corinna is in the process of building a new facility in Pickering with an expected completion date of Fall 2010. She is very hands-on and has even taken a turn at driving the bulldozer!

Corinna also:

    -Orchestrated a fundraiser for the Toronto Wildlife Hospital

    -Fostered over 15 dogs within the past two years, resocializing some of those dogs

Corinna had the honour of being a guest speaker at the 2007 Groomers’ Conference and is also offering in-home training for dog owners who want to learn and practice better leadership with their pets.

Recently, Corinna appeared repeatedly on Rogers TV and The Pet Network TV channel as an expert on pet care and pet nutrition.

Corinna lovingly shares her home with two German Shepherds: Luna and Seamus, an Australian Cattle dog mix named Hamlet, and one Pyrenean Mountain dog, Brandy-Boo. The feline family consists of Monkey, who gave birth to her little black and white daughter “Piglet” on Corinna’s lap in August 2007. Piglet’s brother is Monkey Junior “MJ”.